Finn zenekarnak hívják, Finnország

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finn zenekarnak hívják

Kvad [1] and Leudd songs [2] and joiks are important musical expressions of the Sámi people and Sámi languages. The Sámi also use a variety of musical instruments, some unique to the Sámi, some traditional Scandinavian, and some modern introductions.

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Highly spiritual songs called joiks Northern Sámi: luohti; Southern Sámi: vuolle are the most characteristic song type. The same word sometimes refers to lavlu or vuelie songs, though this is technically incorrect. Joiks may have few or no lyrics, do not rhyme, and have no definite structure. They are typically about any subject of importance to the singer, and vary widely in content.

finn zenekarnak hívják

In Northern areas each person often has their own joik, sometimes given to them at birth, which is seen as personal to and representative of them, like a name. Purely folk joiks have declined in popularity over the 20th century, due to the influence of pop radio and religious fundamentalism, especially Laestadianism.

Joiking first came to prominence within Sweden and Scandinavia as a whole with the release of Sven-Gosta Jonsson's vestibularis papillomatosis objawy a Lapp", which featured the singer singing about joiking towards heathen stones over a modern, skiffle-like beat.

finn zenekarnak hívják

The first commercial recordings of joiking were performed by Nils-Aslak Valkeapää inin Finland. Valkeapää's recordings, however, differed from traditional hoiking by including both instrumentation and ambient sounds, such as barking dogs and the wind.

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Many modern singers are finn zenekarnak hívják to DAT[4] the premier record label in Sámi music. The most famous Sámi singer is Mari Boine of Norwaywho sings a type of minimalist folk-rock with joik roots.

finn zenekarnak hívják

The Finnish folk metal band Sháman now known as Korpiklaani introduced what some call "yoik metal" in the late s, drawing attention to Sámi music in the heavy metal scene.

Their music incorporated Sámi elements such as yoik singing, Sámi lyrics, and shamanic drum.

finn zenekarnak hívják

The vocalist has also yoiked for fellow Finnish folk metal band Finntroll. Also Finnish black metal band Barathrum Finn zenekarnak hívják Eerie album's first track and Swedish black metal band Arckanum have used joik parts in couple of their songs. In the October final episode of the Norwegian televised music contest Stjernekampyear-old Sámi artist Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen was voted the winner; her final performance on the show was a yoik.

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